Bigoni Pacorig De Rossi Trio – This Is Always – Live at Jazz Club Ferrara

Following the releases of Kepos (2014 El Gallo Rojo Records) and Elpis (2020 Skirl Records), the trio featuring Zeno De Rossi on drums, Francesco Bigoni on tenor sax and clarinet and Giorgio Pacorig on piano is ready to release its third album This Is Always, out on April 22nd, 2022 on HORA Records.

Recorded live at the legendary Jazz Club Ferrara (aka Torrione), the trio renews a 8-year long fellowship. It literally becomes a collective; the fact should not be surprising, given the equal nature of the ensemble. Its horizons are expanded by replacing the Fender Rhodes with the grand piano; this totally acoustic territory allows the band to create sonic landscapes that defy categorization.

The record, in addition to the title track – a popular song by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon, composed in 1946 for the musical Three Little Girls in Blue – features tributes to the likes of Salvatore Bonafede and Paul Motian. One of the salient moments of the session is American Landscapes, a four-movement suite where contemporary music and improvisation blend in an evocative way. The suite also includes a previously unreleased composition by Bill Frisell, written during the pandemic and generously granted to the trio.


Musicians: Francesco Bigoni (tenor sax and clarinet), Giorgio Pacorig (piano), Zeno De Rossi (drums).



  1. Paul Motian (Salvatore Bonafede) 5:41
  2. Rye (Francesco Bigoni) 7:01
  3. Shakalaka (Paul Motian) 9:46
  4. American Landscapes 21:35
    American (Briggan Krauss)
    A Song With No Name (Bill Frisell)
    Rothko Chapel: 5th Movement (Morton Feldman)
    Milton Avery (Zeno De Rossi)
  5. This Is Always (Harry Warren / Mack Gordon) 5:46
  6. Speed Limit 50 (Zeno De Rossi) 6:18
  7. January 4th (Zeno De Rossi / Giorgio Pacorig) 7:12



Recorded live on November 12th, 2021 at Jazz Club Ferrara, Italy by Francesco Bettini and Francesco Bigoni. Mixed and mastered by Francesco Bigoni. Produced by Francesco Bigoni, Giorgio Pacorig, Zeno De Rossi and Hora Records. Artwork by Francesco Chiacchio. Design by Zeno Brunetto. Photo of Francesco Bigoni by Emanuele Maniscalco. Photo of Giorgio Pacorig by Michele Bordoni. Photo of Zeno De Rossi by Musacchio/Ianniello/Pasqualini.

Thanks to Francesco Bettini, Enrico Terragnoli, Fabio Basile, Francesco Chiacchio, Zeno Brunetto, Bill Frisell

In loving memory of Stefano Bigoni (1952-2020)

1-6 SIAE, 2 KODA, 3 Yazgol Music BMI, 4.1 Needle Blunts the Sun Music BMI, 4.2 Friz-Tone Music BMI, 4.3 Universal Edition (London) LTD, 4.4-7 Amerio Stefano Edizioni Musicali SIAE, 5 WB Music Corp. ASCAP